About the Emblem

The circular emblem that you see before you was created by O’Hara Sensei and Wilson Sensei. O’Hara Sensei came up with most of the design and Wilson Sensei developed the meaning of the emblem.  The first Kanji “Go” represents the hard aspect of the art. Go also represents day, the Sun, high tide, muscle, body and physical technique. The second Kanji, “Ju” represents the soft aspects of the art. Ju also represents night, the Moon, low tide, breath, mind, and mental understanding. The last Kanji from the top is “Ryu” which means school or style. Thus the Kanji read together translates as: “The hard soft school” or “Hard and Soft style.” Ryu also refers to the virtues of Karate. The shape of the circular outline represents Heaven and Earth. The red in the center emphasizes the importance of understanding Ju (internal) aspects and the importance of not shedding blood through the inappropriate use of karate-do.

The organizational patch is a registered protected Trademark owned by Steve Wilson.  Only members of the OGRKK are permitted to utilize the patch.