Dojo Etiquette and Rules

1. Students must observe the training schedule and should not be late for class. This means dressed and on the floor before class is scheduled to start.

2. Always allow senior students to enter before you. You should never walk in front of a senior student.

3. Upon entering the Dojo, say Onegai Shimasu (please teach me) in a loud and clear voice.

4. Upon entering the dojo, show respect by bowing to the dojo shrine (shinzen) or the front (shoman) of the training hall if there is no shrine.

5. Always be respectful to your instructors, senior students, elders and training partners.

6. Before the class begins, use the restroom.

7. Always practice in a clean training uniform (gi). Keep your gi laundered and neat.

8.Be aware of your physical condition. Make sure your instructor is aware of any injuries that may effect your training prior to starting class.

9. Keep your fingernails and toenails short to prevent injury to others.

10. Do not eat within one hour prior to training.

11. Do not forget to warm up before training, even if you are training alone.

12. When you are observing training in the dojo, you must sit on your knees (seiza) or with crossed legs. You should not slouch or lean against the wall or equipment.

13. When the instructor calls for class to begin (shugo), quickly line up according to your rank and face shinzen. 

14. When the instructor calls for meditation (mokuso) close your eyes and breathe deeply into your lower abdomen (tanden).
15. During class, listen carefully and seriously to all instructions. Do not forget to show you have heard and understand (aye Sensei or aye Senpai).

16. Always handle the training equipment with care.

17. Students must use protective gear when sparring. Head gear, mouth guard, hand and foot protectors and groin cups for the men, must be worn at all times when sparring.

18. All protective equipment must be approved and in good condition. 

19. You must know your physical limitations. Do not force yourself to do more than you can.

20. The instructor should always observe the student's physical condition. Take a break halfway through training.

21. Practice cooling down exercises before you finish class (leave the floor) for at least five minutes.

22. It is important to ask seniors if you have any questions.

23. Do not forget to thank everyone who gives you information or instruction on karate.

24. Cigarettes damage your health and have no redeeming features.

25. When you injure yourself, do not practice until the injury is completely healed. Watch training during these periods.

26. All open wounds must be kept clean and completely covered with bandages.

27. The dojo is a sacred place that belongs to all members. Students should take pride in its appearance and keep it clean and tidy at all times.

28. Upon leaving the dojo, do not forget to say arigato -gozaimashita (thank you very much) or shitsurei-shimasu (excuse me).